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Who Is Sid Gee?

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Sid Gee, 8th degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, has been an instructor in St. Louis for over 34 years.

Sid was rated as the No. 1 fighter in the Midwest., as well as being nationally rated in the 70s and 80s. He won hundreds of trophies in his career including 12 Grand championship titles in one year. Gee taught and trained in Holland and had his first kickboxing fight in Amsterdam in 1980. Sid has produced many students that have won at every level of the fight game, they are known to be smart thinking fighters.

Sid is also an innovator outside the fight arena. He is responsible for promoting his steel bladed fixed and folding training knives, which are unique to the karate world. These training knives are currently being sold at Century Martial Arts, the largest martial arts supplier in the world. He also just completed a training DVD using Century's rattan cane as a self defense weapon.

In June 2007 Sid received the great honor of being inducted into "the Kenpo Karate Hall of Fame".

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At Sid Gee's Kenpo Karate a unique system of martial arts is taught. He utilizes a combination of private lessons, group classes and fighting lessons. All students receive 1 private lesson per week, this lesson teaches self defense techniques, Kata's , and all the kicks,punches and combinations needed to achieve the different belt levels. Each student also receives an unlimited number of Group Classes per week, This class is mixed with all levels of students, the focus here is a hard workout. The class starts with 20 min. of stretching and warm up, then practice of kicks, punches, and combinations.We do drills for self defense moves to make it become an instant reaction. This class gets you shape, it's 1 hour long and you will sweat. Many people are in awe at the amount of weight they lose doing these workouts!

The last class students get into is Sparring, this is where you put on fighting equipment and do real controlled fighting against another student or instructor. This class is done after the student has trained for about 6 months, a level of control and expertise is required. Sparring teaches you timing and distance, the only way to develop this is fighting a live body.

Sid Gee's Kenpo Karate offers a free private lesson to all new students wanting to try it out. Regardless of age,size, or shape, anyone can excel at this unique system because you do it at your own level in the private lessons. group classes you go at your own speed.

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