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What to Expect From Sid Gee's Kenpo Karate

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Sid Gee offers a unique, systematic approach to the accomplishment of Kenpo Karate.

Utilizing a combination of private lessons, group classes and fighting experiences, students receive personal attention, peer instruction and situational training. Each providing an important aspect of the complete, well-rounded Kenpo master.

During a private lesson, students learn the techniques, kicks, punches and combinations to achieve each belt level. Students progress at their own speed and ability.

sid gee kenpoEach week Students can attend an unlimited number of group classes. These one hour workouts begin with 20 minutes of stretching and warm-up followed by practicing kicks, punches and combinations. This allows these moves to become natural and instant reactions when attacked. The more often students attend, the better shape they will be in. It's a real workout with students from all levels.

After six months of training, sparring classes are recommended. In a controlled environment with an instructor or advanced student, students wear fighting equipment and are tested in real-life situations. There's no better way to practice timing, distance and control than by fighting a live body.

For the committed student, the end result is being in the best shape, being more confident and disciplined, and being competent in the art of self-defense.

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